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In their wildest dreams, sisters Jeanne and Jana Smith of Lebanon never thought they would get to have a job they could love so much. But, as they've learned, dreams do come true...

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Celebrating More Than
60 Years of Love Stories

Wiggins Jewelers was founded by Thomas and Katherine Wiggins in the 1950s, starting out as a small jewelry store specializing in watches and watch repair. Despite humble beginnings, Wiggins began the tradition of offering high-quality diamonds and friendly service and developed a trusted name in the community. In the mid '80s, due to illness, Mr. Wiggins sold the business to his manager, Eve Partlow Wilson. Mrs. Wilson was a trusted friend to many and continued the Wiggins tradition, taking care of family heirlooms and providing special smiles on many important occasions. In 1991, Mrs. Wilson retired to care for her husband and chose her great-nieces Jeanne and Jana to continue the business. Ever since then, the girls have shared their dream with others, making many dreams come true. Wiggins has grown over time from a small store to a well-known jewelry center offering unique, high-quality jewelry and services. After more than 60 years, Wiggins Jewelers continues to exist as one of the most trusted names in jewelry in Lebanon and in the entire Middle Tennessee area.

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